Everyone says they’re different. It’s best to watch their actions, rather than their words to see if they really are different. At Mavreel, our interesting and diverse portfolio, ideas and methodologies showcase that we might be slightly different, what we like to call effectively different.


Everyone is vying for attention. We are all fighting for attention in the hyper connected world, not only are going up against your competitors, you are going up against everything on a persons feed and in their lives. For example, if you’re trying to sell me your new shoes, you would have to grab my attention up against Arsenal FC, J.Cole, IGN, family and friends and all of life’s nuances which dominate my feeds. We find creative ways to engage and compel your audience, and cut through the noise.


We love events. We put on our own special events, and can recreate the experiences for you. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you. In person events are tremendously powerful. Event marketing is so powerful because real life experiences are more engaging and can shape our memories much more profoundly than anything else. We have been involved in some cool events, please read on to find out more.


Since the post dot com era, creative industries have been the victim of piracy and illegal downloads, which has been eroding away at both profits, thousands of jobs and authentic creativity. The reason we say authentic creativity is because now many creative people understandably now feel obliged to provide content which they feel will make them income as opposed to the art what they really want to provide to their fans and admirers. Although bringing the best of live entertainment to everyone, everywhere, every time is the company’s mission, Mavreel was also built with one core purpose in mind, to rescue the creative industries.

There have been many creative industries affected by piracy including: TV, Movie, Sport, Gaming and more; although for the Gaming industry the explosion of online gaming was somewhat their saviour in recent years. However, notably out of all the creative industries, the Music Industry has really suffered from this crisis and unfortunately is still suffering; this is why we want to help the Music Industry first.  There is not another medium that connects everyone in the world like music. At Mavreel we believe we can be the saviour for the Music Industry.

We will broadcast the best events to a global audience, live, in real-time high definition. There are a plethora of benefits to this: We lucky fans receive the privilege of being entertained by the most talented acts in the world wherever we reside, the music artists get to connect and engage with their fans like never before, live in real-time, all whilst retaining Full Creative Control over everything they do on Mavreel. But crucially, the majority of all revenue goes to the music artist and dedicated fans worldwide are forever entertained.

We want music artists (and all content creators) to receive the ‘true value’ of their art. We won’t destroy jobs and are likely to create more; and Music Artists get put back at the heart of things instead of red tape, suits and corporate exploitation.

Our solution to the virus which is piracy and illegal downloading that has been plaguing the industry for nearly two decades, is to enhance the experience that we all love – Live Performances! Live Performances are in large the best thing for us adoring fans all across the world, and by far the most exhilarating and rewarding part of the journey for Music Artists. Fans anxiously wait for their favourite acts to perform in a town near them and the Music Artists themselves love the experience of performing live, touring and sharing their new music.

“I’m in the music industry to play live.” – Ed Sheeran.

At Mavreel we are not trying to replace the physical attendance of shows, as this experience cannot be matched and will never disappear. We just provide the next thing for people who physically cannot attend the shows, and allow all hard working talented artists to be rightfully compensated for their art and hard work. Everyone wins.

With a team from a creatively diverse and Technical background ranging from: Cyber Security, Web Development, Branding, Computer Forensics, Game Design, Game Programming, Graphic Design, Web Design, Blogging, Music Management, Animation, Video Production, Video Editing, Photography and avid lovers of Music and everything creative, we at Mavreel feel it is our responsibility, our duty to help out our fellow comrades in the creative industries.

“Creative doesn’t mean free.” – Mavreel, Inc.