Not only are we lovers of people, but we are lovers of special events, as magnetic events really stick in the memories, minds and feelings (pun intended). Think about it, we all spend most of our time and resources on entertainment and things that make us feel great. We’re not judging, some form of escapism is essential for all of us. At Mavreel, we embellish this feel good factor by bringing you enjoyment from an array of events, spanning across Gaming, Art, Music, and more.

What are you planning?

Not only do we hold our own electric events, we can sculpt one for you. Whether it’s your expressive art exhibition, a gaming event that rivals E3, the perfect staff reward… Whatever you’ve got planned, Mavreel is your perfect partner for a truly exceptional event. Whether Art, Gaming, Music or more, please contact us and see how we can dance side by side.

We are a collection of strategists, planners, creators (I won’t say visionaries), assembling together to offer extraordinary events. Bring your ideas and Mavreel will bring the action. Our way of thinking engages clients and their audiences no matter what their requirements are. We work as an extension of your marketing and communication teams to create engaging events. As part of the marketing offensive, events give companies direct access to their audience. Our goal is to help our clients maximise the opportunity of these interactions, creating a fulfilling and meaningful experience.

“Exciting Events are so ROI positive for businesses, I am not sure why they’re not utilised more.”