Gaming Media

Here you will find links videos, audio and written content produced by the Mavreel team showcasing opinions, news, documentation of the gaming industry, our game development process, game event process, gaming business, life and opinions of gamers in general. Document vs Create.

In this section, you will find content consumption of your choice (audio, written or video) on topics around the gaming industry such as VR, AR, indie, new IPs, gaming hardware and of course our own games, events and more. Some of this content will showcase our processes and experience in creating our games, putting on events, from pitching, communication, collaborations and behind the scenes set up for the events. We will also interview gamers and people (yes gamers and people are two separate species) about their favourite titles, opinions on the industry and the like.

As the generous Gary Vaynerchuk likes to say, document vs create and every company no matter what you do should view yourselves as media company first, and then whatever you do after in a 2018 world. So if you’re a law firm, you are a media company first, and then a law firm second. Content, content, content. If you do not know who Gary Vee is, go to any social media platform YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Snapchat etc and you will find him, he’s everywhere. So please stay tuned to our channels as we strive to provide you with value.

“Creative doesn’t mean free.” – Mavreel, Inc.