What is getting people into gaming?

What is getting people into gaming?

Gaming is often greeted with negative connotations and often blamed for being the reasons younger people of today no longer venture outdoors to take on recreational activities. However, we pose to you, what if gaming is the solution.

What do we mean by this?

Well, a clear picture of Government spending shows a major cut in youth projects and services across the UK by 62%, from over £1bn in 2008 to £388m in 2017. This funding has meant more than 600 youth centres and nearly 139,000 youth activities, clubs and services are now gone.

Essentially this means for young people, this opportunity to go outdoors is rather slim, with many suggesting this has been the root cause for the steep incline in crime across the country.

So it appears younger generations are now at a crossroads. Venture out with the risk of getting caught up in the wrong crowds, or stay indoors, sheltered. It is for this reason the UK is home to just over 36million gamers, as younger generations look to cure their boredom in a more productive way.

But gaming is a lot more than just meets the eye, with many studies suggesting video games are helping to provide elements of self-achievement and a need to flourish.

Gaming Obsession or Pursuit To Flourish?

Fortnite (“fortnight”). Usually known as a period of two weeks. However, use that term now and many will assume you’re talking about the viral sensation video game. A game that has truly gripped gamers from across the world for its free-to-play, accessible on all devices, and the ability to play solo or with your friends. However, above all of that, it was labeled as one of the most ‘well-designed video games’.

But what classifies as a ‘well-designed video game’?

According to Drs. Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, a game should seek to satisfy what all people are looking for in the need to flourish.


“We look for competence — the need for mastery, progression, achievement, and growth. We seek autonomy — the need for volition and freedom of control over our choice. And finally, we strive for relatedness — the need to feel like we matter to others, and that others matter to us.” 


Currently, school is in many ways the place where younger people achieve such levels of competence, autonomy, and relatedness. Here, student’s are taught discipline, control, and structure which provides a great platform for later in life. Of course, a student’s experience is never the same with many educational institutions – taking different approaches to learning. However, it’s clear why teachers, and students alike, may struggle for motivation in the classroom – especially in a world that has now become so digital-focused.

In comparison, gamers pursue a similar need to flourish.

Competence is gained through achieving the stories aims and practicing their skills. Autonomy is grasped by calling the shots, taking the challenge on in their own way and experiment with problem-solving. Above all, video games are the stage for people to achieve high levels of relatedness with many social outlets. For instance, many games include elements of a virtual environment allowing gamers to play alongside one another, rather than once being restricted to after-school programs or forming small close bonds in the playground.

To clarify, our position is not for gaming to replace education – far from it.

We believe both should come together, providing a completely new experience. Whilst also providing new solutions to a lack of youth projects.

Social Influences Will Also Come Out Trumps

Whilst running our esports events, we, of course, see the need for competence and autonomy, but what shines through quite significantly is the need for relatedness. Being seen as “accepted by others” is such a powerful thing in society today. Not necessarily just in gaming, but in all aspect of life.

In the industry we are in, we see it more often in younger people to be seen as talented by others. It is, for this reason, we exist, to offer the esports experience we do. Allowing younger people to express themselves, and make new friends along the way.

Gaming together

Jem speaking on BBC Berkshire

We are bringing people of all ages and communities together, to do what over 90% of 2 – 17-year-olds love to do, game. Whether it’s their form of escapism or socializing, the power of gaming is instrumental in restoring the ‘sense of community’ which has been long forgotten in recent years.

Throughout our experience, we have run esports events, meeting many people with different backgrounds, races, gender, LGBT and SEN. Despite all of their differences, once they have a remote in hand, the reason why we do what we do shines brightly… They play as one. It’s like they’ve known each other forever.

We’ve heard stories of people meeting up at our events and forming meaningful friendships, irrespective of their different backgrounds.

It’s not just us who have noticed this trend. A study from ESA state;


“Online video games have become one of the most common places

for teens to meet their peers and create lifelong friendships.”


Furthermore, video games have been found to improve a sense of kinship with online teammates, through voice which contributes towards meaningful friendship.

According to PEW Research Centre:


“Playing online video games helps 78 percent of teens feel more connected to those they already know; 52 percent also report feeling closer to friends whom they only know online.”


As well as creating new friendships, it helps maintain communication with their friends, whether that be after school or even as far as living in different countries.

Gaming Encourages Experiences

Gaming online with new or existing friends also has other benefits, such as a place to share interests and experiences. Just one way of how social trends begin.

Through gaming with the same people, you begin to learn their characteristics, personality, and keen likes and dislikes beyond gaming, for instance, sport.

According to many, over 80% of gamers said that the competitions in eSports have increased their interest in wanting to participate in other team sports.

Evidence indicates that games can help students learn a variety of important skills such as critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. One study concludes this when Robert Morris offered an eSports scholarship for the first time two years ago.

The study consisted of two groups of students – football players and gamers – despite the level of physical sporting attributes differed, there was very little to separate both groups levels of competitiveness, perseverance, focus, determination, and both groups showed a similar desire to excel as part of a team.

Both forms of sport require students to be focused on detail, good hand-eye coordination and a strategic mind. For those who don’t excel at Physical Education, they can often be forgotten, and not have the opportunity to represent their school or college, and through experience, there is no greater feeling that representation. Again, another way to be able to flourish and achieve relatedness.

In one of our recent podcasts with Jason, an avid gamer, he shared with us about how playing video games, FIFA in this instance, started a desire to want to get into football.

What gets people into gaming?

Jason on his Gaming Journey

Like any young person, he had always wanted to control himself on a game like FIFA. However, like the case with many of us, we didn’t quite make it.

I remember when I was young, football was everything to me. I always looked forward to training in the evening and game on a Sunday. However, I’ll never forget that brutal day my mum said I wasn’t good enough to make it. Still to this day, 15 years on, it hurts…thanks Mum.

Wrapping it up

We wanted to find out, what gets people into gaming, and on reflection, it’s shown that since “going outdoors” perhaps isn’t as safe as it once was, or the lack of options are not as great, gaming has become the solution to keeping people, of all ages, safe.

Despite gaming stories becoming more enriched and teaching us key skills, it doesn’t replace the experiences we get from within the classroom to be able to flourish. Yet, gaming can be seen as a supporting act, with social influences giving us the need to feel ‘relatable’ to others.

From connecting and gaming with others, this is also where people can learn and get involved with new activities they perhaps wouldn’t have considered, such as football. As research has proven, the mentality of a gamer and sportsperson can be very similar.

Finally, we’ve seen first hand why local esports events help people showcase their talents, in a safe and controlled environment, again opening up the door to meeting new people with similar interests.


Interested to share your experiences in gaming like Jason? You can email me at mitch@mavreel.com and we can set up a time to chat (and have a game, obviously) when you are free!

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FIFA 18 Tournament – Broad Street Mall

FIFA 18 Tournament – Broad Street Mall

We had great time at Broad Street Mall on Saturday 7th July. Thank you to everyone that participated and to our sponsors!

Congratulations to our winners, you did great ! Stay tuned to our next events.

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FIFA 18 Tournament – Madejski Stadium

FIFA 18 Tournament – Madejski Stadium

It was incredible time at Madejski stadium on 9th June. We had a big turnout and exciting tournament that day.

Thanks to all who got there and made this event amazing ! Thanks to our sponsors who made it possible !

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FIFA 18 Mavreel Tournament Press Release

FIFA 18 Mavreel Tournament Press Release

How a local company is striving to use the love of gaming to entertain and cultivate community

Mavreel, the Reading-based company, aims to harness the power of gaming to provide epic eSports events for gamers in the region.
Mavreel plans to do this by taking your favourite gaming titles and providing a safe, fun and inclusive environment where gamers can enjoy these games in electric eSports style.
 “We all have a friend, family member or partner who is consumed by Fortnite right now, if not ourselves! That’s what amazing games can do.” Says Jemiah Douglin, Operations Director of Mavreel.
The team are working with some of the biggest gaming companies in the world to bring you your favourite gaming titles, in conjunction with the Mavreel experience.

 “The gaming industry is the biggest entertainment industry in the world. Gaming is a unique form of entertainment, which is truly interactive and affords fans to connect in real-time, In dedicated online parties, social media, forums and platforms like Twitch and Discord. Video game interaction is uniquely revered like no other medium. It’s a much-loved part of the experience.”
However, the team at Mavreel are acutely aware that some of us can be introverted and or extroverted, but ultimately we are social beings. There will be events for all gamers, with a mixture of eSports competitive days and gaming fun days. Furthermore, I think we can all agree we can never have enough of engaging, fun and positive things for the community to enjoy.

“Online gaming and the internet by design can bring people together from all creeds and backgrounds which is brilliant! We want to bring some of that online unity and harmony offline, into real-world events where gamers will be surrounded by those with a shared passion.”
The first of many, Mavreel is bringing a FIFA 18 Tournament to Reading on Saturday 9th June! Mavreel is looking for 64 players to enter the knockout tournament which will be held at the iconic Madejski Stadium.
It will be a Free entry for spectators and £5 for the FIFA 18 competitors, both spectators and competitors will need to obtain their tickets through the official Mavreel website.

“FIFA is not only one of the biggest games in the world, it’s one of the biggest and most loved entertainment franchises in the world. It’s truly a household brand, which has been loyally cherished by gamers across the globe for decades. We’re both honoured and excited to have FIFA as our debut title.”
The winner of the tournament will win a series of prizes and plus claim the status as the best FIFA 18 player in Reading. Mavreel intends to introduce a FIFA league for the area which will require players to showcase their skills over a course of the season.
Mavreel will also be bringing you other blockbuster titles this year, with some being worked on behind the scenes. Wanting to keep an element of surprise, future games will be revealed in due time, however, Jemiah did let us know what the next game will be.

“We’re aiming to cater to all gamers and we will create eSports leagues and events for the players. We’re truly excited that an industry favourite and award-winning FPS title Rainbow Six Siege will be our next game. It’s a real eSport heavyweight game loved by gamers worldwide.”
So there you have it, there’s a lot more to come from Mavreel in the very near future. But for now, If you think you’ve got legendary FIFA 18 skills, enter the tournament at www.mavreel.com
For all news, stories and future events including FIFA 18, Rainbow Six Siege and more, follow Mavreel on all major social media platforms @Mavreel

Thank you to everyone who is and has helped us along the way!

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Microsoft Xbox One X: Best of Both Worlds?…

Microsoft Xbox One X: Best of Both Worlds?…

Has the Xbox always been the best of both worlds in regards to gaming PC and console gaming?

The original Xbox came through with more than a splash – it came through with a wave of power. The big powerful console was the closest a console could be to a gaming PC at the time, which allowed console gamers to feel competent when in conversation with a PC gamers debate. PC gamers will highlight that they have always been and will always remain ahead of the console market. We all understand that but gamers buy consoles for different reasons and the Xbox brought power to the console market not yet seen before as well as the ability to play music whilst gaming.

Yes playing music whilst gaming was massive for console gamers back in the early 2000s when this was yet to come to console games. A controller, that for many was the revered controller as a slightly heavier, slightly chunkier design and feel. Which for me was reminiscent of the infamous Dreamcast, which I lost many hours playing Sonic Adventure. But for me, the number one thing that impacted me and my view of gaming, the flourishing industry and what helped contribute to a heightened love for gaming, was the moment I was enchanted by Halo.

I have to thank Microsoft and Bungie for that moment. I first played Halo with my friend Connor when we were the tender age of 11, cruising along Friar St and rolling into the then HMV store. We were fortunate, two little boys rolling into the store and being pleasantly surprised that the Xbox had no queue. As most parents will attest too, Gaming consoles are like magnets for children, and for us, this was the new Xbox we had heard so much about. So we jumped on Halo, and I and Connor had spent over 4 hours glued to the spot playing through the story of Halo: Combat Evolved – making the most of our half day.

Yes, this was when in-person co-op (sofa play) was still prevalent. (Industry professionals, please don’t ever relieve us of this joy. Thank you.) The game was truly enchanting, the graphics, the aesthetics were stunning – better than what I was used to at the time. The mechanics and physics of the game, the story and a soundtrack which resonates with my ears like the Star Wars anthem. This immediately endeared to the console, along with the built-in ‘multi-tap’ allowing 4 players to immediately play.

The built-in hard drive which at the time was equivalent to your Dropbox or cloud storage because space seemed limitless. School home and Xbox was the routine for a very long time. I got right into Splinter Cell, Half-Life 2, Star Wars: Republic Commando, Def Jam Fight for NY, Burnout Takedown, Fable and for me one of my favourites franchises to this day, Rainbow Six. For those who don’t recall, there was much life in the franchise before the critically acclaimed Rainbow Six Siege. The tactical shooter was a far cry from the wet n wild style shooters I was used to, and it quickly engaged me.

Splinter Cell was one of my favourites after Halo, lurking in the shadows and using real precision and tactics drew me in. The realistic quality of the graphics again reflected the power of the Xbox. As I write this it dawns on me that a lot of my favourite franchise today actually started out life on the Xbox, such as Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six.

The Xbox 360 also stormed into the world in 2005, peacocking with graphics that console gamers had yet been blessed with. I remember King Kong being one of the launch titles to run in tandem with the movie release and being inspired by how amazing the lighting, weather effects and the fur of animals within the game looked.

Then, of course, brought the next wave of Halo games, since the evergreen classics such as Mario and Crash Bandicoot as a child, there hasn’t been a game franchise which has intensified by admiration for gaming like the Halo series. I won’t get into the debate of which is the best one, but for me, the first two were my favourite and the one I dedicated the most time to as a carefree teen. Classics such as Red Dead Redemption which has left a highly anticipated buzz around the sequels release Red Dead Redemption 2 later this year, was accompanied by games such Bioshock, Mass Effect 2, Fallout 3, The Orange Box and Burnout Paradise.

Could it be an Xbox tribute without mentioning Left 4 Dead and most importantly Gears of War? Gears of War was for me the first game which brought a truly cinematic feel to gaming just through movement and mechanics alone, let alone a gripping story and relatable and enthralling. I remember first running a mission and the feeling on the pad and the movement of the camera added to the immersive feeling I believe they were trying to create and succeeded in doing so. The physics in the game were heightened at this period, and no other games were close.

Then came the horsepower of Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Focusing on the ‘X’, Xbox has again released an ultra-powerful console which not only boasts raw horsepower, it has unrivalled online capabilities and matchmaking prowess, which is expected being born of tech and computer heavyweight Microsoft. As cloud gaming becomes more prevalent and gaming SaaS (software as a service) continues to rise, the cloud prowess and hardware expertise could see Xbox fair extremely well.

The backwards compatibility of the console is always a positive, as many gamers (and buying family and friends) appreciate all of those old games not becoming obsolete or downtrodden as the new console is out. The controller is meaty, just as many gamers like it and not only is the hardware powerful, the UI and UX of the Xbox are so sleek, so smooth, so fast it’s like drifting around on Forza Horizon in a Ferrari 458 Italia. With ironclad exclusive franchises in the light of Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Dead Rising, Quantum Break and more, we eagerly anticipate more top exclusives entering the party this year with Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, The Last Night and a game to adventure exploration days, the Sea of Thieves! Just like Sony PlayStation and Nintendo, we’re super grateful for all the quality contributions of Microsoft Xbox to the industry.

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Is Sony PlayStation at the Heart of the Gaming Industry?

Is Sony PlayStation at the Heart of the Gaming Industry?

We didn’t want to leave anyone out with our blog post on why we all adore Nintendo. We have a lot of love to go around, and the PlayStation brand is also at the heart of the industry and for myself personally, my childhood. The PS1 startup sound is a melody that evokes sweet memories of the excitement when the classic PlayStation logo would load up on our humble sized screen. The games as a child that I would play with my sister and would be brother Jahv, would include games such as Donald Duck: Quack Attack, Tekken, Pandemonium, Spyro The Dragon and of course the infamous Crash Bandicoot — the true PlayStation mascot.

Now PlayStation, you remastered Crash Bandicoot after many years, please grace us with a remaster and continuation of Spyro The Dragon and Quack Attack. But this article would not be complete without me mentioning our love of Worms! Worms — the very simple 2D level game, wherein simple terms we would destroy opposing teams of worms in the most fun and creative ways (please go watch gameplay footage on YouTube as my synopsis is not enough justice for the game). There were many hours where myself and family would blowtorch and ninja rope across the maps, just to execute the most embarrassing and humorous kills such as the Street Fighter Ryu influenced uppercut or push if they were near the edge. Sometimes it resulted in Kamikaze, but that was part of the all loving process. Not to forget the infamous sheep…Thank you Team 17.

Coming out after the NES and the SNES, the PS1 caught me in a slightly more mature stage of childhood (5 years young) and I united with the brand ever since. As time went on, more and more classic games entered the foray such as Gran Turismo, Porsche Challenge and longtime favourite Spider-Man games. Then there were the games that also consumed many hours such as Crash Team Racing and Driver.

Upon reflection, as I write this, I think I was too young for Driver, and I most certainly was too scared to play Resident Evil when my cousin (whom I shall not name) would try to leave me to play that alone, at night as a child. I wouldn’t even do that now as an adult. Some games you don’t always play but you take solace in watching others play, and for me, Tomb Raider was one of those I would watch my dad play. The legendary Lucozade advert with Lara Croft in always comes to mind –
phenomenal marketing. The fact I remember the advert after decades, literally as it came out in 1998.

But beyond the PS1, we stepped into the era of the PS2, which for me was the best era of gaming so far for me, in terms of the number of great quality content titles we had to choose from. Many gamers would argue that today we have the best games, well I am not saying that the games today are not epic they are, in terms of gameplay, graphics, audio, story, integration, gaming as a service, online and more.

I just feel like we had even more options in the era of the PS2, this was heightened with brilliant of both the original Xbox (Halo etc) and the Nintendo Gamecube (Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Smash Bros Melee, Super Mario Sunshine etc). It’s similar to mobile phones, back in 2005 there would always be at least 5–8 great phones you would consider to buy if not more, and nowadays we have like 1–3 phones, for some just 1 great phone option. So I am talking about depth and width in terms of game quality in that era, as opposed to today where I feel we don’t have as much width, but still quality, understandably. We will discuss that another time.

I don’t have enough space to write all the PS2 classics and sequels from Final Fantasy XII, Gran Turismo 3, Kingdom Hearts 2, the Prince of Persia Trilogy, Splinter Cell, GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas Jak and Daxter, Tekken 5, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Dragonball Z Budokai 2, Need for Speed Underground 2, Ratchet and Clank, Tony Hawk’s 3, God of War, MGS 2 and a whole lot more. But this console and that entire era were pivotal to console gaming. The PS3 followed up with its own terrific library of games, and free online gameplay which resulted in many hours of me running around as a one-man SWOT team on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Then one of my favourite game sagas in ‘Infamous’ was released on this console, which has gone from strength to strength since. You had the multi-award-winning cinematic The Last of Us, which was so emotive and successful it was quickly released on PS4 too upon launch. With the sequel one of the most anticipated games this year. Fallout 3, Little Big Planet, Call of Duty Black Ops 1, 2 & 3, GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim, COD Modern Warfare and 3, Assasins Creed franchise was born and a whole host more.

Fast forwarding to 2018 and PlayStation’s slogan is ‘This is for The Players’ and it is hard to disagree with this statement. Steaming into 2018 with an already solid PS4 exclusive catalogue, we are fortunate to already have Infamous Second Son, Street Fighter 5, Nioh, Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is such a beautiful game, truly stunning with an enthralling storyline. The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4, which, like The Last of Us is cinematic in quality, which comes as standard from majestically blessed Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog always had my affection since the days of Crash Bandicoot in the 90s.

This all seems to be the warm-up for PlayStation because just this year we have Spider-Man, Detroit: Become Human, God of War, Days Gone, Death Stranding, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Shadow of Colossus and of course The Last of Us Part II. This isn’t even all of their exclusives, they are just churning out high-quality exclusives like Drake in music. It feels like a warm-up, just like Aubameyang’s debut goal for Arsenal today. But for all of us gaming fans, whether we are fangirls or fanboys, we gamers are favoured with many special games. Long may it continue, as the industry needs competition. Thank you, Sony PlayStation.

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Is this why you adore Nintendo?

Is this why you adore Nintendo?

Everyone adores Nintendo. Even those who do not love Nintendo, love Nintendo – yeah there’s really no choice. A true pioneering company, with so many years of beautiful creations. Whether it’s their classic consoles such as NES, SNES, N64, Wii U, Game Boy, Game Boy Colour (apologies it’s written in the UK :p), Game Boy Advance, Game Boy SP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS all the way down to awe-inspiring Nintendo Switch.

The memories that their catalogue of consoles and games evoke millions upon millions worldwide is truly phenomenal. I personally recall falling in love with the Nintendo mascot, Mario. The Super Mario World, Bomberman, Donkey Kong Country, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and of course the sparkling Super Mario All-Stars! Yes, across my young days I have been blessed with many fun-filled hours of their classics. Then Pokémon took over my childhood along with tens of millions of children worldwide. It wasn’t just the trading card game which had everyone aspiring to be Ash Ketchum, the video games that came out on Game Boy consumed many children and adults alike, like the symbiote in Spider-Man. “I want Pokémon Blue, Yellow, Red, Silver, Gold and Crystal.” – I and my peers in the playground would eulogise.

Not only have we had decades of goodness, Nintendo has just announced they will be hosting a Mario Kart Tour announced for mobile and will be launching by March 2019; we all remember what happened with Nintendo’s last gigantic brand Pokémon with the release of Pokémon Go. If launched in a similar way, all iOS and Android filled devices will hold this game. Furthermore, Nintendo is partnering with Illumination to release a Mario Movie! Yes, a Mario Movie! I hope it turns out to become like a Pixar classic (Monsters Inc, Toy Story, Finding Nemo and I am calling The Incredibles 2 a classic before a summer release this year).

But arguably, the news of the day… An online service for the Nintendo Switch will be released this year September. I think the delay will only have increased furore and anticipation for what will shake up the gaming industry again. Thank you for bringing up the hybrid gaming magic on the Switch. But most thankfully, thank you for perpetuating and reviving the social aspect of gaming again. The foundation of gaming stems from ‘sofa play’ that’s a good shout out to game developers worldwide when working on their next title, especially the triple-A games.

This article isn’t to look down on Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox One and of course the infamous gaming PC, there’s room for all of them (clearly) and the industry and ultimately the gaming offerings for us gamers are better for it. This is just to show a little appreciation for Nintendo, and what they have produced for the world. We hope for many more years of greatness.

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The best upcoming games of 2018 – Mavreel

The best upcoming games of 2018 – Mavreel

I am going to start this off by saying, although this is not a game, everyone really should go and see Black Panther. As an avid Marvel fan, I am (the entire Mavreel team) are just excited to go an see this movie. The reviews coming out are amazing, the trailers, the casting, the social impact, the soundtrack, the storyline, the cinematography — just everything looks awesome and it is just one of many films that we are blessed with this year. Then we have Avengers Infinity Wars, Deadpool 2, Oceans 8, Ant-Man and The Wasp, X-Men Dark Phoenix, Venom, Star Wars and most exciting!… The Incredibles 2. Nostalgia at it’s finest. I cannot believe the first one came out in 2004. Go Pixar! Also, maybe I shouldn’t have put Mavreel in the title, as this is my personal opinion (Jem), but I digress.

Moving on from my gushing of Black Panther and co, I would like to share with you some of the games that I am personally excited for, just to let you know that my views do not represent the entire Mavreel team or Mavreel itself, they’re just some of the games that I love. The rest of the team will share their views I am sure over time. Kingdom Hearts 3, Dragonball Fighter Z, God of War, The Last of Part 2, Far Cry, Sea of thieves, Red Dead Redemption 2, Yoshi, the new Tomb Raider all look fantastic; but the games I am really looking forward to are Left Alive, Spider-Man and the very special Detroit: Become Human and I will explain why I am looking forward to these. Please put your pitchforks (your controllers) down, I know there are a ton of superb games being released this year, but a little secret — when you are in the gaming industry in any capacity, you do not have the time to play games as much as you used to.

Yep! The deeper you go into the gaming industry, the more you work, the more games you create, the deeper you go into eSports, yes even eSports because to be a top girl or boy in the game, you need to be going deep in with that one game. So yes, I am not fortunate to play games as much I would like, so I only get a few. I still need to complete Horizon Zero Dawn (a masterpiece of a game), Watch Dogs 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands and the new Hitman DLC. I am occasionally on Rainbow Six Siege or Call of Duty Modern Warfare remastered when I am being pressured by my friends.

But yes, I am looking forward to Left Alive because I am a lover of Stealth. Although the trailers do not show us much, I already can get the MGS feel and vibe of stealth that I adore. (By the way Ubisoft, please confirm a new Splinter Cell). Hideo Kojima is a legend amongst gamers and throughout the industry and I love the fact that main character reminds me of Bryan from the Tekken series set in a The Division typesetting.

Detroit: Become Human. I was privileged to play this game at EGX 2017, and I was enchanted to keep queuing back up and playing this amazing game. I love the fact that you play as an Android, I like how you can play at a speed that suits your playing style. Being a fan of stealth, I like the slow and steady approach, searching each room and every square inch of the crime scene and level. It would probably get pretty boring watching me on Twitch. I can’t do the game justice in this write-up, please watch the trailer, rewatch the trailer and play the game as soon as it comes out. I would also like to add, that the young lady who played the Android was absolutely amazing at EGX17!

Oh yes, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. I adore this superhero. I already mentioned I love Marvel, so it may have been obvious. Since the days I was graced with my PS1, yep the classic PlayStation 1 — I loved the Spider-Man games. The days when the web swings would be attached to nothing, or the sky in my childlike reasoning. Someone will gripe and say some of them weren’t that good, naturally, we will always have our opinions. But, this new Spider-Man looks special! Developed by Insomniac (the team behind one of my favourite franchises, Ratchet and Clank) it is sure to be supreme game. Moreover, with a comparison to the Rocksteady classic Arkham series, fused together with Spidey’s special abilities, this game will be for me, very likely my game of the year. I know, I know, with The Last of Us Part 2 coming out, that will likely get it. But I will be crawling on ceiling and webbing up villains for hours and hours with the hope of not being seen.

Let us know the games you are most looking forward to this year and why?

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From Music with Love…

From Music with Love…

Hello, hello, hello,

Firstly, please accept our sincere apologies for the long hiatus. We were doing a lot of things behind the scene and we forgot to share or my personal favourite, document the journey we were on. (Anyone who is a Gary Vee fan will know about the document vs create). Last year was particularly fun, with an artist we represent called Stoner has been on a nationwide tour with UK heavyweight rapper Giggs, and working alongside another UK star in Tinie Tempah in the Chasing Flies music video.

We worked alongside the BBC, in both radio and TV broadcasts (which was a bit surreal), were planning things with a lot of big brands and even plotting away with Reading Football Club, The Voice and International Music festivals. With the crescendo being when Stoner was so kindly welcomed to become part of the Grime Live 3 showing alongside top artists in the scene such as Chip, Not3s, Big Narstie, P Money, Fekky, Lotto Boyz, Devlin, Big Tobz and Rude Kid down at the O2 Indigo last November.

Unfortunately, Stoner was unable to perform due to mitigating circumstances. But for all the fun of the past few years and all the amazing people, we have met along the way, especially people like Matthew. Shout out Matthew, Creating Monsters and the Grime Live movement, Buck, Giggs, Tinie Tempah, Disturbing London, Streaming Tank and everyone we have worked with closely.

Despite all this love and steady progression and some other cool things which I can’t really disclose on here, the team were still yearning. What were we yearning for? Gaming. Music is fun, and we will always love music. Music is the universal language that connects us all. I personally don’t start my day without music and for anyone who knows me, should know I go from Ed Sheeran to Wizkid, to J Hus in my performances – mood dependent. But the vast majority of the team stem from a gaming background.

Being games technology and mathematics graduates and what my sister would call me ‘a neek’, the team have experience and understanding in games programming, art, 3D animation, storytelling, maths, physics, gaming business, music and design. In addition to a dash of business acumen, web development, graphic design and games retail experience, we are pretty rounded for the gaming world. Crucially though, we adore gaming.

Now it seems a bit counterintuitive right? To stop when working with and connecting to international artists such as the above, especially when some of the team met Drake, thanks to Giggs inviting Stoner to Reading Festival 2017. Well, I try to (and the team tries) to live in a way where we minimise regrets in all areas of life. We felt that this was the right thing to do for various reasons. So after we got over the heartbreak of this (and for me, literal heartbreak) we decided to start making our own indie games, hosting intimate eSports events and producing gaming content.

Now do not expect our games to be Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Fifa, League of Legends or Call of Duty – Triple-A titles; but can we strive for a Flappy Birds, Angry Birds, Temple Run or Candy Crush? Hmm, my team would say let’s cool it for now. I am always the overzealous one, the eternal optimist. But we will try, and we will be releasing them shortly.

In conjunction, we will be releasing gaming opinion, news, trends and documentation of our game development process and the really exciting part,  our aspiring eSports events. Gaming will soon be in the Olympics, it has been coming for many years, but our aim is to host intimate local eSports gaming events of the biggest and most popular gaming franchises in the world. (No, we are not trying to be EGX, Insomnia or Gamescom.) So the aforementioned Overwatch’s, FIFA’s, Destiny 2, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Mario Kart and the likes of the world.

This journey we have begun, we cannot speak on our progress as of yet, but there are some exciting things in the works. But hopefully, we can cultivate the same beautiful relationships within the gaming industry as we have in the music industry. Are we completely done with the music industry? Not necessarily, there will be members of the team or partners who occasionally do work within music, it may just be behind the scenes or under a separate brand. We still get asked about live streaming, so do not be surprised if a separate entity is formed and a team dedicated to music begins. But for everyone in the current Mavreel team. Gaming is the goal. Gaming is the motive. Love.

We want to especially thank everyone who has worked with us so far on the journey and going forward we would like to better document the journey that we have been blessed with so far. We may also showcase some of our journey up until this point so far.

Thank you for reading.

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To Listen or Not to Listen

Great music is fundamentally less dependent on synthesizing technology and accruing production value. Thankfully I believe in classic artistry; voice and lyrics are purest forms of musical essence and no amount of technology can epitomise these factors. I have little or no time for current (popcorn) music; fads, effort, desire and white-collar commerce does not constitute to good music, timeless music. The old school will forever be my new school, Amen.

– Creative Director

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