eSports Tournaments

Here at Mavreel not only are we lovers of people, but we are lovers of special events, as magnetic events really stick in the memories, minds and feelings (pun intended). Think about it, we all spend most of our time, energy and resources on entertainment and things that make us feel great. We’re not judging, some form of entertainment and escapism is essential for all of us. At Mavreel, we embellish this feel-good factor by bringing you enjoyment in the form of competing, spectating and playing your favourite games. Yes, the Triple-A blockbuster ones! We have time and love for the smaller Indie games too, so when possible they will be included too.

Our goal at Mavreel is to host exciting, fun and inclusive eSports tournament events for gamers to enjoy their favourite game franchises in a safe and enjoyable environment. As gaming and eSports interests expand daily, at an exponential rate, we want to give people, including many maligned people who are bored on the weekends, something constructive and enjoyable to do around one of their favourite passions - gaming. We would like to think of ourselves as grassroots eSports.

Gaming online in the comfort of your home is amazing, but sometimes you might want to venture outside and let everyone in your hometown know you truly are the best at [Insert your favourite game] in town! Of course whilst enjoying the fruits of socialising in a safe, fun and entertaining environment. Or you may simply want to watch some top gaming in person and be entertained as you are on Twitch and YouTube. Please stay tuned to our website, podcast and social media channels as we update you with all our progress on the next eSports event. Also, please let us know which of your favourite games you would love to see us showcase at an eSports tournament!

Events, Tickets, Time, Date and Locations

Future dates to be confirmed. Please checkout our social channels for updates.

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