From Music with Love…

Hello, hello, hello,

Firstly, please accept our sincere apologies for the long hiatus. We were doing a lot of things behind the scene and we forgot to share or my personal favourite, document the journey we were on. (Anyone who is a Gary Vee fan will know about the document vs create). Last year was particularly fun, with an artist we represent called Stoner has been on a nationwide tour with UK heavyweight rapper Giggs, and working alongside another UK star in Tinie Tempah in the Chasing Flies music video.

We worked alongside the BBC, in both radio and TV broadcasts (which was a bit surreal), were planning things with a lot of big brands and even plotting away with Reading Football Club, The Voice and International Music festivals. With the crescendo being when Stoner was so kindly welcomed to become part of the Grime Live 3 showing alongside top artists in the scene such as Chip, Not3s, Big Narstie, P Money, Fekky, Lotto Boyz, Devlin, Big Tobz and Rude Kid down at the O2 Indigo last November.

Unfortunately, Stoner was unable to perform due to mitigating circumstances. But for all the fun of the past few years and all the amazing people, we have met along the way, especially people like Matthew. Shout out Matthew, Creating Monsters and the Grime Live movement, Buck, Giggs, Tinie Tempah, Disturbing London, Streaming Tank and everyone we have worked with closely.

Despite all this love and steady progression and some other cool things which I can’t really disclose on here, the team were still yearning. What were we yearning for? Gaming. Music is fun, and we will always love music. Music is the universal language that connects us all. I personally don’t start my day without music and for anyone who knows me, should know I go from Ed Sheeran to Wizkid, to J Hus in my performances – mood dependent. But the vast majority of the team stem from a gaming background.

Being games technology and mathematics graduates and what my sister would call me ‘a neek’, the team have experience and understanding in games programming, art, 3D animation, storytelling, maths, physics, gaming business, music and design. In addition to a dash of business acumen, web development, graphic design and games retail experience, we are pretty rounded for the gaming world. Crucially though, we adore gaming.

Now it seems a bit counterintuitive right? To stop when working with and connecting to international artists such as the above, especially when some of the team met Drake, thanks to Giggs inviting Stoner to Reading Festival 2017. Well, I try to (and the team tries) to live in a way where we minimise regrets in all areas of life. We felt that this was the right thing to do for various reasons. So after we got over the heartbreak of this (and for me, literal heartbreak) we decided to start making our own indie games, hosting intimate eSports events and producing gaming content.

Now do not expect our games to be Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Fifa, League of Legends or Call of Duty – Triple-A titles; but can we strive for a Flappy Birds, Angry Birds, Temple Run or Candy Crush? Hmm, my team would say let’s cool it for now. I am always the overzealous one, the eternal optimist. But we will try, and we will be releasing them shortly.

In conjunction, we will be releasing gaming opinion, news, trends and documentation of our game development process and the really exciting part,  our aspiring eSports events. Gaming will soon be in the Olympics, it has been coming for many years, but our aim is to host intimate local eSports gaming events of the biggest and most popular gaming franchises in the world. (No, we are not trying to be EGX, Insomnia or Gamescom.) So the aforementioned Overwatch’s, FIFA’s, Destiny 2, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Mario Kart and the likes of the world.

This journey we have begun, we cannot speak on our progress as of yet, but there are some exciting things in the works. But hopefully, we can cultivate the same beautiful relationships within the gaming industry as we have in the music industry. Are we completely done with the music industry? Not necessarily, there will be members of the team or partners who occasionally do work within music, it may just be behind the scenes or under a separate brand. We still get asked about live streaming, so do not be surprised if a separate entity is formed and a team dedicated to music begins. But for everyone in the current Mavreel team. Gaming is the goal. Gaming is the motive. Love.

We want to especially thank everyone who has worked with us so far on the journey and going forward we would like to better document the journey that we have been blessed with so far. We may also showcase some of our journey up until this point so far.

Thank you for reading.