We allow entertainers to broadcast their performances live in real-time to all their fans worldwide at the same time. Rock out on your travels. Kick back and relax at home with friends. Or dance the night away as if you are there. We are the online platform that specialises in live broadcasting the biggest and best events. In addition to our live work, we also provide high quality standard production as well.

Mavreel is designed to leverage the beauty of the internet, social media and our love of music. Fans enjoy full concerts and events live in real-time online, all whilst being able to connect with other fans and the entertainer alike via social media. Our recent Barnardo’s 150th Anniversary, Joss Stone and friends event, attracted an array of dedicated fans globally from: Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, America, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, France, Spain, Portugal and the UK tuned into Mavreel to watch Joss Stone live.

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