Games Development

The most fun and interactive form of entertainment and escapism in the world. There is a reason it’s the biggest entertainment industry in the world! We create and develop our own games… AAA? One day. We love gaming and the team have experience in the different facets of games development, from animation, art, music, programming, design, production and more – we’re still trying to pull it all together to eventually make something you love, or at the very least, not hate.

Our very first release to the public is a humble puzzle game called ‘Apuzzl’, (yes that is the correct spelling and we didn’t miss out the ‘e’). Apuzzl is a zen puzzle game for the web whereby you will encounter a series of different types of puzzles, whilst interacting and challenging your knowledge and understanding. Please let us know what you think about Apuzzl on social media, how we can improve it and what type of games would you like us to develop next? We want to create some really cool titles that you’ll love and we need your help for that!